The Promise of Chang’An

A story that follows a young woman who once naive and carefree who matures into a wise ruler. Hers is a legendary journey about overcoming trials and tribulations to become the empress dowager of the Great Sheng nation.


Zhao Ying Zi as Helan Mingyu (voiced by Ji Guan Lin)
Cheng Yi as Xiao Chengxu (voiced by Ma Zheng Yang)
Zhou Ao Yun as Xiao Chengxu (young)
Han Dong as Xiao Chengrui
He Zhong Hua as Xiao Chengli (voiced by Bao Mu Zhong Yang)
Liang Jing Xian as Ling Xiao’er (voiced by Zhu Rong Rong)
Han Cheng Yu as Xiao Qiyuan
Wu Jing Jing as Helan Yunqi (voiced by Liu Xiao Qian)
Liu Meng Meng as Helan Guanyin (voiced by Cai Na)
Zhao Wen Hao as Xiao Chengxuan (voiced by Hu Liang Wei)
Wang Jin Song as Xiao Shangyuan
Wang Lin as Imperial Consort Lin (voiced by Zhang Kai)
Yang Chao Yue as Dong Ruoxuan (voiced by Duan Yi Xuan)
Zhang Rui as Helan Keyong
Huang You Ming as Situ Gun (voiced by Wen Hao Yu)
Lu Xing Yu as Dong Yizhi (voiced by Zhao Zhen)
Zhao Dong Ze as Xiao Qiyuan (voiced by Guo Hao Ran)
Zhang Mo Xi as Imperial Consort Qiaohui
Fu Fang Jun as Xin Chengyao (voiced by Cai Zhuang Zhuang)
Huang Yi as Su Yuying (voiced by Tang Xiao Xi)
Li Ze as Xiao Chengtai (voiced by Li Wang Song)
Xue Ze Yuan as Xiao Qirong (voiced by Wei Chao)