Nanquan: The Rise of The Heroes

The movie “The Rise of the Heroes of Nanquan” is adapted from real life. The story is taken from the real life experience of Nanquan master Liu Amei. It tells the true story of a generation of Nanquan master Liu Amei’s eradication of evil, heroism and justice, and justice. . Chen Haomin and Wang Wanzhong collaborated for the first time. They joined forces to return to the essence of kung fu movies, amplifying the spirit of martial arts, thinking from the fate of the characters, conflicts and other directions, and creating a chivalrous river with warmth, emotion and full of positive energy. Twelve years ago, “Ip Man” started shooting, let the world know Wing Chun. Twelve years later, “Nanquan” came out, let the world see Nanquan!


Benny Chan
Yoko Wang
Shao Lao Wu
Yue Dong Feng