The Sword and The Brocade

Set during the Ming Dynasty, the story revolves around the romance between General Xu Lingyi and the concubine’s daughter Shi Yi Niang, that starts from an arranged marriage. Despite being born with a low status, Shi Yi Niang is extremely assertive and believes that a woman’s vision should not be limited to the household. She hopes to rely on her embroidery skills as a ticket to freedom. However, the once esteemed Luo family is in a state of decline. Hoping to save the clan through a marriage alliance, Shi Yi Niang is selected to become the wife of Yongping Duke and great General Xu Lingyi. Things were not easy for her due to the Xu family’s biases towards her. Nonetheless, she manages to win over their trust through her optimism and sincerity. Xu Lingyi also becomes attracted to her various beautiful qualities such that husband and wife manage to find love after marriage.

Through Xu Lingyi’s support, Shi Yi Niang opens Xian Ling Pavillion to have her own embroidery workshop. Meanwhile, Xu Lingyi experiences many setbacks as he tries to protect his homeland and improve the livelihood of the people by supporting the lifting of a maritime ban. As they face a crisis that could spell the end for the Xu family, Xu Lingyi and Shi Yi Niang continue to support each other through thick and thin.


Tan Song Yun as Luo Shiyi Niang
Wallace Chung as Xu Lingyi (voiced by Bian Jiang)
Yin Yi as Xu Lingyi (young)
He Hong Shan as Qiao Lianfang
Tang Xiao Tian as Qu Yanxing / Lin Shixian (voiced by Chen Zhang Tai Kang)
Wu Mian as Grand Madame Xu
Fang Xiao Li as First Madame Luo
Ying Er as Luo Yuan Niang
Liu Yun as Mistress Wen
Li Sheng as Mistress Qin
Hou Chang Rong as Old Master Luo
Ma Shao Hua as Duke Jing Yuan
Lan Xi as Jian Shifu (voiced by Qiu Qiu)
Peng Yang as Xiang Yizhen
Fu Miao as Mistress Lv
Huang Man as Young Madame Qu
Yan Xiao Pin as Madame Wang
Ding Jie as Dong Qing
Sun Xue Ning as Hu Po
Zheng Hao as Lin Bo
Ma Bo Quan as Zhao Ying (voiced by Lan Ling)
Sun Jia Qi as Er Niang (voiced by Liu Qing)
He Miao as Mother Tao
Yan Qin as Madame Qiao
Cui Er Kang as Xu Lingkuan (voiced by Qian Wen Qing)
Li Yun as Dan Yang (voiced by Lu Xi Ran)
Qiang Yu as Wang Yu
Ren Yu as Qu Lixing (voiced by Wang Kai)
Zhao Chong Yue as Luo Zhenxing (voiced by Zhao Yi)
Bai Yu as Mistress Yang (voiced by Chu Jun)
Yu Lang as Wu Niang (voiced by He Wen Xiao)
Gu Bin as Qian Ming
Gu Ke Jia as First Madame Luo
Tian Miao as Nanny Xu
Du He Qian as Nanny Zhang
Lu Jing as Young Madame Jiang
Yi Ling as Xiu Yuan
Li Lin Fei as Bai Zhi
Jin Lu Ying as Jin Lian
Shen Zi Chun as Zi Wei
Yue Jia Yi as Qiu Hong
Li Zhao as Fei Cui
Qian Qian Yi as Xiao Lan
Su Yi as Xiao Die
Luo Ze Yi as An Tai
Yan Ji Feng as Wei Zi
Xue Ke as Xia He