Royal Kitchen In Qing Dynasty

The film tells the love story of a pair of lovers in the Forbidden City. The protagonist Gege Jing Xian and the royal chef Zhang Dongguan overcome a lot of trials. In the process, they resolve many contradictions by making carefully cooked delicious dishes and then finally return to ordinary people’s life together.


Long Chang as De Zhong
Jade Cheng as Wan Zhen Ge
Yiping Jia as Emperor
Min Liu as Jing Xian-Mu
Rain Wang as Min Hui
Uvin Wang as Jing Xian Ge
Bin Bin Xie as Zhang Xu
Jingchu Zhang as Empress
Nan Zhang as Zi Juan
Lula Zhou as Zhang Dong Guan
Yuanbing Zhu as Yu Tai
Zhiling Zhu as Yong Zhang (Third Prince)