The Princess Weiyoung

During the chaotic Northern and Southern Dynasties, among Northern Liang’s royal family lived a princess named Feng Xin’er (Tiffany Tang) who was kind, carefree and loved by all. Chiyun Nan, a marshal from the Chiyun clan of Northern Wei, was driven by greed to overrun Northern Liang and turned it into a bloodbath, killing almost the entire royal family and forcing the princess to survive on her own.

Li Weiyoung, the daughter of the Prime Minister of Northern Wei and his seventh wife, shielded the princess from harm. However, Weiyoung was killed by the Chiyun family, of which the Prime Minister’s first wife, Chiyun Rou, was a member, who were not pleased when she was recalled to the Prime Minister’s manor. Xin’er assumed Weiyoung’s identity and resided in the manor where she was disliked and shunned by her half-sister Li Changle and her mother Chiyun Rou. She thus took it upon herself to fight against the Chiyun clan and became entangled with Northern Wei’s prince, Tuoba Jun (Luo Jin). She also attracted the eye of Tuoba Yu (Vanness Wu) who saw her as a chess piece to his ultimate aim of being Emperor. Through her struggles, she gained wisdom and was finally able to find peace for her family while living true to her heart.


Tiffany Tang as Li Wei Yang / Feng Xin’er
Luo Jin as Tuoba Jun, Prince of Gaoyang
Vanness Wu as Tuoba Yu, Prince of Nanan
Mao Xiaotong as Li Changru
Li Xinai as Li Changle