The Legend of Xiao Chuo

This is the story of Xiao Yanyan, also known as Xiao Chuo of the Liao dynasty.

Xiao Yanyan (portrayed by Tiffany Tang) is the third daughter of prime minister Xiao Siwen and Princess Yan. She falls in love with the young lieutenant Han Derang (portrayed by Shawn Dou) and the couple eventually decide to marry each other. However, their promise of love is severed when Xiao Siwen agrees to let Yelü Xian (portrayed by Jing Chao) take Yanyan as his empress after the latter succeeds the throne. Xiao Yanyan’s relationship with sisters Xiao Hunian (portrayed by Charmaine Sheh) and Wuguli (portrayed by Lu Shan) also deteriorate due to the power struggle between the women’s husbands, who each believe they have a legitimate claim to the throne.

When Yelu Xian was critically ill, he entrusted her the government and she eventually became the most important woman in the history of Liao. She broke political boundaries, pushed the public to implement the New Deal, completed the process of the Sinicization of the Liao dynasty from the original tribe to the feudal dynasty, promoted the integration of the Khitan and the Han people, and made the Liao dynasty prosperous and continuous. Emotionally, she pursued bravely – disregarding the widow’s voice and the world’s material opinions.


Tiffany Tang as Xiao Yanyan (voiced by Qiao Shi Yu, Xu Yan (older))
Dou Xiao as Han De Rang (voiced by Wei Chao)
Lu Zhan Xiang as Han De Rang (young)
Jing Chao as Yelü Xian / Ming Yi, Emperor Jingzong of Liao (voiced by Qi Si Jia)