Remain Silent

Wan Wenfang (Zhou Xun) was assassinated in Hong Kong during her performance. The suspect is a young man. Lawyer Duan Mulan took over the case and was ready to start the investigation, but in the process of investigation, she found that the prosecutor of the case is her former lover Wu Zhengwei (Francis). At the same time, she found the case to be suspicious, so she went to the young man’s home to seek the truth, and fell into a series of trouble.


Zhou Xun as Duan Mulan/Wan Wenfang
Francis Ng as Wu Zhengwei
Zu Feng as Tian Jingcheng
Rooy Sun as Jimmy Thomas
Kou Chia-jui as Li Guo
Wang Tianchen as Gang Qin
Li Na as Luo Meihui
Li Yuan as Bo Qu
Swan Wen as Anne