Gone with the Light

There is a teacher named Wu Wenxue, who is about to be promoted, a woman named Li Nan, who is about to get divorced, a debt-collecting thug named Kuai Zi, and a young woman named Lu Huang, who wants to marry a man her parents do not approve of, and they all suddenly see people around them disappearing in bright lights. This causes daily lives and relationships to fall apart, and as a rumor spreads that the disappeared people were couples in love, those that remain question whether their partners really love them and worry they will be abandoned.


Bo Huang as Wu Wenxue
Luodan Wang as Li Nan
Zhuo Tan as Zhang Yan
Bai-Ke as Kuai Zi
Lu Huang as He Xiaofen
Chunli Song as Wu Wenxue’s Mother
Vicky Chen as Wu Xiaolei
Ding Xihe as Wang Yang
Jiaqi Li as Liu Jiayi
Xingchen Lyu as Xue Yan (as Xingchen Lü)
Junyan Jiao as Ms. Xiaohan
Qian Li as Xu Yanru
Bingkun Cao as Yu Liang
Dan Li as Li Dan
Wang Ju as Kuai Zi’s Girlfriend