During the day and in the middle of downtown, Kang Soo-Ah (Kang Ye-won) is taken away against her will and brought to a psychiatric hospital. She is locked up there without knowing why. She is constantly forcefully drugged and suffers cruel violence. Soo-Ah begins to write down in detail all of the horrific acts that take place at the psychiatric hospital.

One year later, Na Nam-Soo (Lee Sang-yoon) is working as a programming director for the same broadcasting station he was suspended from the previous year. He is assigned to a project and receives a notebook containing horrific entries about a psychiatric hospital which had burned down in a fire. He reads the notebook and feels intrigued by what happened. To uncover the truth, Nam-Soo seeks out Soo-Ah, who is now in prison as a murder suspect.


Kang Ye-won as Kang Soo-ah
Lee Sang-yoon as Na Nam-soo
Choi Jin-ho as Jang Hyung-sik
Ji Dae-han as Kang Byung-joo
Chun Min-hee as Mi-ro
Lee Hak-joo as Dong-sik
Choi Yoon-so as Ji-young
Jo Jae-yoon as Detective Park
Gu Won as Woo-sub
Kim Jong-soo as Detective Cha
Jang Tae-seong as Depeartment Head Koo
Yu Geon as Lee Woo-jin
Jeon Kwang-jin as death angel
Kim Ho-won as emergency room doctor
Ahn Ji-hye as Yeo-kyung
Park Se-jin as prison doctor
Kim Hyun as patient’s family member
Gil Hae-yeon as Kang Soo-ah’s mother