Sunshine of My Life

From Shanghai to Suzhou to Paris is a romantic love story between the proud eternally single workaholic man Tang Ming Xuan and a bubbly young designer. Tang Ming Xuan who is the general manager of Ming Yuan Fashion Group is a pioneer in the industry. For him, work always came first until the day he met Mo Fei, a young designer who tends to do things outside of the norm.

Their paths crossed because of a design competition. Through Mo Fei’s uniquely Chinese designs, Tang Fei begins to understand the value of traditional embroidery. Even though sparks fly in their every encounter, the two never confess their feelings as Mo Fei is about to study abroad while Tang Ming Xuan keeps busy with his plans for the company. Mo Fei goes to Paris as planned and leaves her first love a thousand miles away in China. After many twists and turns, their hearts come home to each other as their dreams shine brighter because of love. Tang Ming Xuan and Mo Fei join hands to launch an overseas expansion plan. As time passes, their original intentions never change.


Zhang Han as Tang Ming Xuan
Lulu Xu as Mo Fei
Hong Yao as Fang Xiao Yu
Wang Rui Zi as Xia Xue Ling
Wang Xuan as Fang Xian
Li Xin Zhe as Yang Gun
Guo Zi Xian as Mi Do Dou
Shi Qing Yan as Bai Xiao Man
Jiao Na as Shen Jia Xi
Wang Jin Song as Tang Q Ren
Xu Ge as Cheng Yan