Here to Heart

Zhan Nanxian is a sharp young man who was able to foresee the technological boom. He collaborated with his classmates to create a company and was able to weather the storm despite only 10% chance of success. Wen Nuan is an accomplished career woman who quits her high-paying job in England to work with Nanxian as his executive assistant. They were a couple previously and Wen Nuan is determined not only to help Nanxian at work, but also to rekindle the love that they have lost. This story is about the endless journey of love, and the two hearts lost and rekindled after 7 years of separation.


Hans Zhang Han as Zhan Nanxian
Janine Chang Chun-Ning as Wen Nuan
Jing Chao as Zhu Linlu
Jenny Zhang Jiani as Bo Yixin
Jocelyn Zhou Qiqi as Wen Rou
Ji Xiao Bing as Gao Fang
Jin Zehao as Guan Ti
Guo Zigan as Ding Xiaodai
David Liang Dawei as Pan Wei Ning
Li Xinzhe as Liu Rui