Moonshine and Valentine

Guan Pipi (Victoria Song)’s life was normal and peaceful until she meets a man called Helan Jingting (Huang Jingyu). Helan is an alien “fox” who has lived for a millennium, while Pipi is a seemingly normal human. It is revealed through flashbacks that in Pipi’s first lifetime, she (named Hui Yan then) was a sacrifice to cure Helan’s health issues. As a result, she never lives beyond 25 years old. Unexpectedly, they fell in love, and now Helan searches for Pipi in each of her lifetime. In modern day, Helan searches for a cure for Pipi’s curse.


Victoria Song as Guan Pipi
He Lan Dou as young Guan Pipi / Hui Yan
Huang Jing Yu as Helan Jingting
Liu Jia Yi as young Helan Jingting
Li Jia Ming as Kuan Yong, Helan Jingting’s right hand man. A plastic surgeon
Yu Zhan Jiang as young Kuan Yong
Li Shen as Xiu Xian, Helan Jingting’s right hand man. A plastic surgeon
Zheng Wei as young Xiu Xian
Jiang Qi Lin as Zhao Song, left priest of the Fox Tribe
Zhang Bai Jia as Tushan Qian Hua, a noble fox lady who likes Helan Jingting
Su Ke as Qing Mu, head priest of the Fox Tribe. Helan Jingting’s father
Yang Zi Shan as Princess Xi Yan, Helan Jingting’s birth mother
Li Yi Juan as Princess Zhao Yan
Wang Xin as Bo Zhong, Princess Zhaoyan’s subordinate
Yang Kai Di as Su Mei
Wang Jia Ning as Fang Jin Xue, a celebrity who used to like Kuan Yong
Li Yan as Elder
Cai Jun as Elder
Wang Wen Wen as Noble Lady
Hong Shuang as Pregnant lady
Zhang Zi Lie
You Qian Hui
Cui Zi Xuan
Chen Xi Wen