Love You You

Law firm employee Xia Mi (Angelababy) is sent to a picturesque tropical island to investigate You Lele (Eddie Peng), the young owner of the island’s beach resort suspected of illegal business practices, so she goes undercover to work as a servant in his resort. Like many great love stories before theirs, Xia and You don’t really hit it off when they first meet each other, but under the magical spell of the romantic setting, sparks of love begin to fly between them. However, it turns out that they both harbor secrets of their own, which threaten to nip their relationship in the bud?


Eddie Peng as You Lele
Angelababy as Xia Mi
Zhu Yuchen as Hao Chang
Zhou Yang as Sophia
Alvin Wong as Wuguji.
Ye Liangcai as JK.
He Jie as Xia Mi’s colleague.