Detective Chinatown 2

Qin Feng (Liu Haoran) thought he was going to attend his distant uncle Tang Ren’s (Wang Baoqiang) wedding, which turned out to be a hoax. Tang Ren had deceived Qin Feng to come to New York for another purpose.

The godfather of Chinatown, Uncle Qi (Kenneth Tsang), gatheres the world’s best detectives from an app called Crimaster (which allows real detectives to upload their cases for the online community to solve them) and sets up a competition to locate his grandson’s killer within one week for a reward of five million dollars. His grandson Jason was found in a temple with his heart torn out and an unknown symbol on a table near him.

Unexpectedly, Qin Feng, the world’s second-top detective and the world’s third-top detective noticed another similar murder in the Hudson River one week before the investigation began. A white woman was also killed but lost her kidney. The two men pulled out surveillance videos of the two crime scenes and found that a man appeared at both crime scenes. They identify the man as Song Yi (Xiao Yang). However, after observing that Song Yi is right-handed, Qin Feng concludes that he could not be the killer since evidence suggests that the killer is left-handed. While Qin Feng and Tang Ren knew that Song Yi was not the killer, this was not everyone else’s consensus, and so the duo had to clear Song Yi’s name and find the real killer.

Eventually, with the help of Tang Ren’s knowledge of Feng shui and Wu Xing, Qin Feng discovered the killer’s motive. Due to the unique location of the murders, the time of the crimes, the eight characters of the victims’ birthdays and the organs, he concluded the whole of New York was being used as an altar.(the elements fire, water, wood, metal, and earth were used to determine the locations, date, and the respective organ to be removed)

Finally, they find out that the doctor who was battling cancer believed that doing ancient Taoist rituals could grant him immortality, and was behind the murders. The doctor kills himself after being found out.

Qin Feng deduces that Song Yi is actually the mysterious man “Q”, the top-ranked detective of Crimaster. Song Yi solved the case very early on and used the doctor’s patterns to cover up his own murder of a sex trafficking ringleader who abducted his sister. Qin Feng lets him go, but later KIKO reveals that “Q”‘s IP address does not locate him in America, making Song Yi as “Q” unlikely. “Q” is therefore still at large.


Wang Baoqiang as Tang Ren
Liu Haoran as Qin Feng
Xiao Yang as Song Yi
Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Officer Chen Ying
Brett Azar as Wild Bull Billy
Bai Ling as Aaimali Kunana
Benja Kay Thomas as Detective Charlene
Wang Xun as Lu Guofu
Yang Jinci as Malian
Yuen Wah as Mou Jau-kin
Satoshi Tsumabuki as Hiroshi Noda
Michael Pitt as Dr. James Springfield
Kenneth Tsang as Qishu (Uncle Qi)