Banglasia 2.0

The film focuses on three characters from different backgrounds: Harris (Nirab Hossain), a Bangladeshi worker in Malaysia who just wants to return to hometown to marry the love of his life; Hanguoren (Namewee), a pro-Malaysian activist who wants his fellow citizens to join him in regaining the country in its natural state without immigrants; and Rina (Atikah Suhaime), an idealistic daughter of a boss who has fallen for Harris at first sight.
The trio, along with several other characters, have to survive the sudden invasion of the nearby fictional Luk Luk Kingdom. The films touches and satires on social issues such as corruption, inequality, human trafficking, ethnic relations and also the cultural understandings between the characters.


Nirab Hossain
Saiful Apek
David Arumugam
Atikah Suhamie
Yoo Ah Min/Lao Zha Bor
Shashi Tharan
Zhu Youliu