Across the Ocean to See You

A love story between a seasoned traveler who makes a living off of travelling and his domineering lady boss.

Mang Mang (Claudia Wang) is the head of a British travel conglomerate. On her mother-in-law’s request, she agrees to try and conceive a baby using other means as her own husband was sterile. However, her husband finds out and they go their separate ways. Devastated over her failed marriage, Mang Mang returns to China but also learns that she’s already pregnant. She decides to keep the baby and takes a job as the head of the Shanghai operations of her company.

Her new environment is harsh and unfriendly as she becomes the target of gossip. Nevertheless, a warm-hearted Zheng Chu (Zhu Ya Wen) walks into her life. He is the spirited subordinate to her devilish boss thus igniting a romance that’s like ice and fire.


Zhu Yawen as Zheng Chu
Claudia Wang Likun as Su Mang
Ian Wang Yanlin as Su Chang
Irene Wan as Zheng Meiling
Jie Bing as Zheng Fu