Young President 2: Fake Bride

“Young President 2 Fake Bride” is about the love story of Mo Jing Qian and An Shining. At the wedding, Mo Jing Qian discovered that the bride was not Anshihui who he was going to marry, but Anshi Ning, a sister with the same appearance as Anshihui. Anshihui had died, unfortunately. Under the pressure of his family, Mo Jing Qian was forced to accept Anshi Ning. At the same time, he launched a plan to rebuild the bridge. At last, Mo Jing Qian was moved by the toughness and kindness of Anshi Ning and fell in love with her.


Lu En Xin as An Shi Ning / An Shi Hui
Hu Sheng as Mo Jing Qian
Zhang Dong as Park Sung
Lin Yong Ju as Qin Heyun