The Legends

Lu Zhaoyao (Bai Lu) and her grandfather are bound by duty to guard the seal that has kept the Demon King’s son in chains. When an intruder barges in, the Demon King’s son escapes and falls into the hands of the righteous sect. Zhao Yao saves him (Xu Kai) and gives him the name Mo Qing. In trying to obtain the Wan Jun Sword, Zhao Yao mistakenly thinks that Mo Qing has betrayed her.

Five years later, Lu Zhaoyao manages to establish a connection with Qin Zhiyan (Xiao Yan) of the Immortal Sect. She also returns to Wan Lu Man, hoping to reclaim her position. She discovers that Mo Qing, the Demon King’s son, has reclaimed his name as Li Chenlan and currently sits in the center of power. Lu Zhaoyao uses his attraction towards her and colludes with Jiang Wu (Dai Xu) with a scheme of her own. Secrets from the past are revealed. Lu Zhaoyao realizes who her enemies are and who has stayed by her side all along.


Bai Lu as Lu Zhaoyao

Xu Kai as Li Chenlan / Mo Qing

Dai Xu as Jiang Wu

Xiao Yan as Qin Zhiyan

Liu Guanxiang as Luo Mingxuan

Mi Lu as Liu Suruo

Li Zifeng as Qin Qianxuan

Xiang Hao as Gu Hanguang

Yang Ze as Liu Cangling

Ding Ye as Sima Rong

Zhang Xin as Lu Shiqi