Love & Redemption

A 1000 years ago, a bitter battle ensues between the Celestials and the Asuras in a struggle for power. The General of the Asura Clan, The Star of Mosha, is defeated by the God of War. He disppears and his soul is sealed in a crystal lamp, which is then sent to the mortal realm to be hidden. However, the God of War too, mysteriously vanishes along with him. A 1000 years later, both of their souls are sent to the mortal realm to undergo tribulation and the demonic realm begins to prepare the revive the Star of Mosha.

In the mortal realm, Chu Xuanji (Yuan Bingyan) is born to the Shaoyang Sect Leader without the power of perception through all 6 senses. She meets Yu Sifeng (Cheng Yi), a skilled disciple of the mysterious Lize Palace, during the Flower Banquet being held at Shaoyang. Sifeng falls for her, despite being forbidden to do so. A turn of events leads to Xuanji being injured during the banquet and she leaves to cultivate and train herself for four years. Sifeng returns to Lize Palace, where he is punished for breaking the sect rules with the Lover’s Curse.

They encounter each other, years later and set off for their own adventures, but their journey is riddled with mysterious encounters and they start to realize that there is more to their past than they thought as a millennium-old conspiracy slowly comes to light.


Yi Cheng as Yu Si Fend
Chun-Yi Li as Zhong Min Yan
Xueyi Liu as Wu Chen
Crystal Yuan as Zhu Xuan Ji
Yuxi Zhang as Zhu Ling Long