The Legend of Chusen

Zhang Xiaofan’s entire village is massacred, and he and his good friend Lin Jingyu are adopted by the righteous Qing Yun Sect. Though Zhang Xiaofan lacks the skills to become a skilled cultivator, he is treated kindly by his fellow disciples and teachers. One day, he acquires a magical weapon which allows him to become a strong cultivator. By chance, he is able to learn the skills of the Heavenly book, and becomes the first person to possess cultivation from Fu (Buddhist), Dao (Taoist), and Mo (Heretics). He meets and falls in love with Bi Yao, the daughter of the Ghost King, leader of the demon sect, but their love faces numerous hurdles as the tension between the righteous sects and the demon sects intensifies.


Li Yi Feng as Zhang Xiaofan / Gui Li (voiced by Zhang Jie)
Wang Yuan as teenage Zhang Xiaofan (voiced by Ma Ban Ma)
Zhao Li Ying as Bi Yao (voiced by Chen Yi Wen)
Zhang Zi Mu as child Bi Yao
Yang Zi as Lu Xueqi (voiced by Ji Guan Lin)
Cheng Yi as Lin Jingyu (voiced by Wei Chao)
Wang Jun Kai as teenage Lin Jingyu (voiced by Su Shang Qing)
Qin Jun Jie as Zeng Shushu (voiced by Jiang Guang Tao)He Zhong Hua as Reverend Daoxuan (voiced by Bao Mu Zhong Yang)
Huang Hai Bing as Wan Jianyi (voiced by Zhao Ling)
Liu Xue Yi as Xiao Yicai (voiced by Chen Zhang Tai Kang)
Xie Ning as Tian Buyi (voiced by Lu Kui)
Yang Ming Na as Su Ru (voiced by Zhang Kai)
Tang Yi Xin as Tian Ling’er (voiced by Liu Xiao Yu)
Xu Shuo as child Tian Ling’er (voiced by Liu Xiao Yu)
Lu Xing Yu as Reverend Cangsong (voiced by Yan Ming)
Chen Ze Yu as Qi Hao
Jiang Hong as Reverend Shui Yue (voiced by Qiu Qiu)
Ma Cheng Cheng as Wen Min
Zong Feng Yan as Zeng Shuchang (voiced by Zhao Zhen)
Ge Zi Ming as Shang Zhengliang
Wang Bin as Reverend Tianyun
Shen Bao Ping as Reverend Ye Zhen
Zheng Guo Lin as Song Daren (voiced by Ma Zheng Yang)
Ji Xiao Bing as Zheng Dali
Jiang Zhen Hao as He Dazhi
Dai Zi Xiang as Lu Daxin
Ding Yi as Wu Dayi
Li Ze as Du Bishu
Lu Yu Lin as Chu Yuhong
Li Yin (李引) as Peng Chang