The Flame’s Daughter

In ancient times, Anhe Palace was in a position of placing the country into jeopardy. The owner of the palace, An Ye Luo, was in love with his senior An Ye Ming, but An Ye Ming married a wandering warrior named Zhan Feitian and birthed a daughter with him. In order to protect her daughter from An Ye Luo’s grasp, Lie Mingjing, Zhan Feitian’s sworn brother, swapped his son Zhan Feng with her.

After Zhan Feitian’s death, Lie Mingjing named the girl Lie Ruge and took custody of Zhan Feitian’s son, Zhan Feng. Lie Ruge grew up with her seniors, Zhan Feng and Yu Zihan. Lie Ruge and Zhan Feng both fell in love but An Ye Luo, seeing Liehuo Pavilion growing in strength and power, tricked Zhan Feng into believing that Lie Mingjing killed his father. This resulted in Zhan Feng breaking up with Lie Ruge, who eventually became acquainted with Yin Xue, somebody who grew to protect her.

Over time, An Ye Luo managed to coerce Zhan Feng into killing his biological father, Lie Mingjing. When Zhan Feng hesitated to do so, Lie Mingjing’s adoptive son killed Lie Mingjing (who did so to please An Ye Luo). Eventually, Zhan Feng learned the truth about his birth and decided to get revenge on An Ye Luo. Together with Lie Ruge, Yu Zihan, and Yin Xue, they were able to defeat An Ye Luo and restore peace to the nation.


Vic Chou as Yin Xue
Dilraba Dilmurat as Lie Ruge
Ruilin Liu as Yu Zi Han
He Zhang as Lei Jinghong
Vin Zhang as Zhan Feng
Leon Lai Yi as Anye Luo