The Final Blade

It has been one of the most-sought after artefacts for almost 400 years, but the mystical “Glazed chicken cup” hasn’t been seen for some time. That is, until an item turns up at an auction bearing a striking resemblance to it.

Hunter Archaeology Company CEO and archaeologist David Huang is so convinced it’s the real deal that he orders his henchman to steal it, rather than pay the potential 200 million yuan price-tag.
But their nefarious plans are interrupted by not only the surprise arrival of a Jin Guard, but also a young design student Li Mo Xun, who recognises the guard from an incident in his childhood. Obsessed with finding out his real identity, Li Mo Xun tracks him down to a noodle shop. Unfortunately he’s not the only one monitoring the cup’s whereabouts and possessor.


Shen Qi as Li Mo Xun

Gina Zhang as He Xiao Xi

Shi Tian Long as He Xing Yun

Queenie Pei as David Huang’s assistant

Chang Hai Bo as David Huang

Ke Wen Kang as Kai