Part-Time Spy

In Korea, where job crunch is becoming a major issue, there’s a desperate woman, more than ready for a full-time job, 35-year-old Yeong Shil. She obtained all kinds of certification, including military training, and she finally gets a call from National Security Agency to be an intern, but it’s only temporary. One day, she accidentally discovers that her boss was scammed of half million dollars by phishing. Using this chance, she makes a deal with her boss: if she brings back the money, she’ll be hired full time. Now as an undercover spy, Yeong Shil starts to work at the voice phishing center. Would she find the criminal and become a real employee?


Kang Ye-won as Jang Young-shil
Han Chae-ah as Na Jung-an
Namkoong Min as Min-seok
Jo Jae-yoon as Deputy Department Head Park
Kwak Ja-hyeong as Chief Financial Officer
Kim Min-kyo as Department Head Yang
Shin Se-hwi as Lee Ji-eun
Kim Sung-eun as Eun-jung
Lee Jung-min as Song-yi
Nam Seong-jin as Chief Goo
Dong Hyun-bae as Jae-yong
Ryoo Seong-hyeon as City Hall Section Chief