Bling Bling Sounds

Joo Hyun Sung, a high school student with a hearing disability. People can’t tell immediately that Hyun Sung is deaf, however, because his mom taught him to communicate by reading people’s lips. Joo Hyun Sung who is also enthusiastic at sports wants to establish a bowling club for his school.

Lee Soo Ah, the most popular member of the girl group ‘Girl Star’. One day, an unfortunate rumor circulates that stirs up conflict in her group. Soo Ah deals with it by taking a break from the entertainment industry and start going to school. There, she befriends Hyun Sung, who turns out to be a fan of her fellow member, Ellie, who is also the indirect cause of her conflict.


Hong Bin as Joo Hyun Sung
Sol Bin as Lee Soo Ah
Jung Sun Kyung as Hyun Sung’s Mother
ZN as Elly
Kim Hong Pyo as Girl Star’s Manager
Kim Yoo Jung as Yu Bin