Best Mechanism Great Master

Five thousand years ago, after being suppressed, the Evil Deity turned into Nine Evil Eyes, lurking in the world, waiting for the time of resurrection. Five thousand years later, Nine Evil Eyes is about to become a being. Young boy Mu Chen meets Luo Li, the goddess of the Luo God Clan, and is connected with Jiuyou Bird’s blood in chance. They support each other and grow together. After the battle of Baima City, Mu Chen takes over the burden of revenge for the dragon people and fighting against the Evil Deity. Luo Li is promoted to be the Saintess. Finally, Mu Chen and Luo Li work together to defeat the Evil Deity and restore peace to the whole world.


Roy Wang as Mu Chen
Ouyang Nana as Luo Li
Jack Lok as Liu Mu Bai
Ma Yue as Jiu You
Zhang Ya Qi as Shen Cang Sheng
Xiho as Tan Qin Shan