Listening Snow Tower

The story follows Xiao Yiqing (Qin Junjie), the master of the Listening Snow Tower and Shu Jingrong (Yuan Bingyan), daughter of the Blood Demon. In jianghu, Moon Sect strikes as a terrifying force and its poisonous influence grew under the command of Hua Lian (Jessica Hsuan), sect leader of Moon Sect. Bai Di (He Zhonghua), Xue Gu (Wang Jiusheng) and ‘Blood Demon’ Shu Xuewei (Lu Fangsheng), three powerful martial artist in wulin, join forces with the master of Listening Snow Tower to rid evil and bring back peace. Hua Lian, however, possesses a formidable weapon; allowing her to control the Blood Demon, who ends up killing himself to protect his beloved daughter: Shu Jingrong.

Orphaned with nowhere to go, young Shu Jingrong meets young master of Listening Snow Tower, Xiao Yiqing, whom she wholeheartedly remembers for his care and kindness towards her. Shu Jingrong then goes under the tutelage of Bai Di, earning her a new name Qingming and lives with him and his disciples Qinglan (Han Chengyu) and Qingyu (Zhao Dongze) in Bottomless Sand Valley.

Under the pressure of the looming Moon Sect and their treacherous plots, Shu Jingrong learns of her accursed fate of afflicting those she loves. She sets out to reawaken her father’s weapon: Blood Rose Sword, uniting with Xiao Yiqing to fight the wicked and put an end Moon Sect, bringing peace and balance to the world.


Qin Jun Jie as Xiao Yiqing
Huang Yi as young Xiao Yiqing
Yuan Bing Yan as Shu Jingrong / Qing Ming
Huangyang Tian Tian as young Shu Jingrong / Qing Ming
Han Cheng Yu as Jia Ruo / Qing Lan
Liu Jia Yi as young Jia Ruo / Qing Lan
Yuan Li Lin as Ming He
Lin Yuan as Chi Xiaotai
Zhao Dong Ze as Gao Mengfei / Qing Yu
Wen Chun Di as young Qing Yu