Tears in Heaven

Du Xiaosu is a wilful entertainment reporter who impersonates as a nurse and sneaked into a hospital ward to snap a high rising star’s photo after a car accident. She bumps into Shao Zhenrong, a suave doctor on duty and that begins their bitter sweet love relationship. Du Xiaosu met Shao Zhenrong’s family to discuss their marriage and realized to her horror, Shao Zhenrong’s second brother Lei Yuzheng is none other than the guy who had a one night stand with her years ago! Much to Du Xiaosu dismay, Lei Yuzhen forbade her relationship with Shao Zhenrong.

During an earthquake rescue mission, Shao Zhenrong had a mishap and lost his life. As time goes by, Lei Yuzheng finds it more difficult to resist his feelings for Du Xiaosu and realized he had fallen in love with her right from the beginning. Will Du Xiaosu ever forget Shao Zhenrong and learn to accept Lei Yuzheng?


Shawn Dou as Lei Yuzheng
Li Qin as Du Xiaosu
Zhang Yunlong as Shao Zhenrong
Wang Ruizi as Jiang Fanlu
Li Tingzhe as Lin Xiangyuan
Ai Ru as Zou Siqi
Sheng Ziming as He Qunfei
Gu Kaili as Shao Kaixuan
Zhang Haocheng as Liu Siyang