A coming-of-age story revolving around an eccentric genius, an impulsive girl and their classmates of varying personalities.

Huang Jian (Zhang Ruo Yun) is a genius in the field of science and technology. Su Zi Cong (Li Xian) is a second-generation rich with good looks, good conduct and good grades. For a chance to be recruited by a famous applied physics professor in MIT, the two become fierce competitors. In order to satisfy one of the requirements, Huang Jian joins an organization where he encounters Zhu Zhu (Sandra Ma), a rookie reporter who keeps her identity in secret in hopes of landing a big story.


Sandra Ma as Zhu Zhu
Zhang Ruoyun as Huang Jian
Li Xian as Xu Zicong
Liu Mintao as Wu Jiali
Jiang Chao as Jiao Shou